Underwater case

Underwater case for IP cameras

Stainless steel housing is the successor of the glass, which was very inconvenient. Glass was impossible to disassemble and seal the cable was the problem. This case is dismantle, clean, corrosion-resistant, easy to install and well sealed. The housing can be adapted to salt water.   The cable is pulled through the transparent hose above the water surface. With the air flow does not overheating of the camera. The case is applicable to large depths due to robust design. Attachable glass of any thickness. The housing has at the upper side of the screw thread hook to pick up from the bottom. On the underside of the thread at the bottom mount or tilt leg, which ensures the stability of the housing. In case there is enough space for camera, cables and any Poe accessories.

If you are interested in case email me at ligor.n@seznam.cz.

Price: on request

New and slightly cheaper alternative to stainless steel housing IP camera. The housing can be made to different types of cameras.